Project - Safe Internet

Patron: Bl. Carlo Acutis


Ladislav Cernooky

Mentor of the Project

Ján Babjak, S.J. Archbishop and Metropolitan and the highest representative of the Greek Catholic Metropolitan Church in Slovakia


To ensure Safe Internet and protect people by filtering of the content in the families or institutions by the setting up of the devices like routers, computers, mobile phones, notebooks, and tablets

Target Group:

Everybody who is not indifferent to the fact that spending time and doing activities every day on the internet can break the God's commandments and can cause sins, fornication, bad addictions, and death of the souls at the end. The protection of the children and youth has the highest priority.

Legal Means

  • Create technical and easily understandable manuals and How-To documents for the public and its distribution.
  • Online support – how to make devices setup
  • Spread information to the world about these technical possibilities
  • Present project on Social medias


For the opening of the document, you might need a PDF document viewer like Acrobat Reader for example. You can download it for free directly from the internet.


"How To" document for Home Network
(Advanced IT Users - Summary of all)

"How To" document - Home Network for beginners!
(Router, PC, Notebook)

"How To" document - Home Network for beginners!
(iPad, iPhone, Android)

"How To" document - Home Network for beginners!
(Accounts Administration in PCs)

"How To" document - Home Network for beginners!
(Microsoft Accounts - Additional protection options)

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